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When you need help planning your hot tub installation, call or visit Sunwrights Spas. Sunwrights Spas is a leading building and remodeling contractor (CT License # 550549). We offer competent planning and installation support for all Hot Tub projects. Sunwrights Spas of East Hartford CT is your go-to company for all phases of your hot tub planning, installation and maintenance. Once you have settled on the size, style and model, talk to the helpful professionals at Sunwrights about an in-home consultation. We will be happy to assess the structural integrity of your Spa room, test the load bearing capability of an existing deck, or advise you on preparing a back yard area for your new hot tub. With the spa specifications in-hand, Sunwrights will calculate the weight of your new hot tub when filled with water and people. Unless your existing deck was built to support the intense load of a hot tub, you may require a separate frame within the deck, need structural supports, or shore up footings prior to installation.

Considerations for Hot Tub Safety and Privacy

  1. Determine whether your new hot tub is going to be installed outdoors on a concrete slab, on a deck, or in the house.
  2. When installing your hot tub in your yard, assess your location for wind, the sun and shade.
  3. Your hot tub must be situated near an appropriate electrical supply. A ground-fault circuit interruptor and emergency shut-off is a must! Only a licensed electrical contractor should tackle the electrical hookup.
  4. There should be access to the motor for servicing and maintenance.
  5. A clear, well-lit path from the hot tub to your door will let you dash from outdoors to indoors.
  6. Think about screening your Spa from the eyes of your neighborhood.
  7. Ask your contractor about child safety around your spa.

Call us at 860-282-7727, visit our showroom or just sign up on-line to schedule a convenient time for a backyard or in-home visit by one of our Sunwrights professionals. Contact Sunwrights Spas today for an in-home site visit today.


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