Hot Tub Service Vernon CT

Hot Tub Service Vernon CT

Are you searching for Hot Tub Service in Vernon, CT? Call Sunwrights Spas today! We have been selling and servicing hot tubs in Vernon and surrounding towns for over 20 years. Owning a hot tub is a great way to relax at the end of a long day, and something the whole family can enjoy. However, there are some maintenance factors to consider when purchasing a hot tub. Read on as we discuss the top 3 maintenance issues to watch out for.

Water Isn't Heating

Firstly, if your hot tub isn’t heating, it doesn’t serve its purpose.  Try washing the filters, check the water level, look for blockages, and turn the breaker on and off. If this doesn't solve the issue, the heating element could be damaged, and it's time to call a professional.

The Jets Are Not Working

Secondly, the best part about soaking in a hot tub is the massage you get from the jets. When these stop working, it affects the whole experience. Simple things to check for are debris, making sure the jets are turned on, and that the filters are clean. If the jets still don't work, the lines may have been affected by an airlock.

Noisy Spa Pump

Lastly, nothing will kill the mood more than a noisy spa pump. There are various things you can do to troubleshoot based on the noise the pump is making. For a growling sound, check the water level, check for blockages, and make sure all the valves are open. Check your bearings if your pump is making a high-pitched squealing sound. In addition to this, your circulation pump likely needs replacing.

How Can We Help?

When you purchase a hot tub from Sunwrights Spas, you will also receive our state-renowned customer service. Our professionals offer convenient and dependable installation and maintenance services. Our team services Watkins and Caldera product lines. If you need replacement hot tub covers, water care, quality supplies, or any other accessory or product, call us first!

Thank you for stopping by and reading our latest blog on hot tub service in Vernon, CT. It is important to note, that hot tubs do require maintenance from time to time, but it doesn't have to cause you any stress. Furthermore, we want you to know that we are only a phone call away. Save yourself the trouble and let our team take care of any maintenance or repair concerns. We will have your hot tub ready for relaxing in no time. Call us today at 860-282-7727 to schedule an appointment today. You can visit our website for more information.

Hot Tub Service Vernon CT