Sunwrights Spas are professional dealers for hot tubs in Connecticut. We have a service department for maintenance to keep your spa running perfectly. Without proper upkeep and maintenance, your hot tub might give way sooner than later. 

Signs That Your Hot Tub Needs Service

1. The Water Smells Bad

If the water in your hot tub smells bad even though you clean it regularly, it’s a sign that there might be something wrong. Only professional hot tub dealers might be able to diagnose this problem. Bad smelling water in the hot tub is usually due to issues with circulation. 

2. The Water Appears Foamy

The water in your hot tub should be clear and clean at all times. If it appears cloudy, the first thing that you must do is treat it with the right chemicals. Try draining the water and filling the hot tub with fresh water if that doesn’t work. If the problem persists, call hot tub dealers to determine what’s wrong.

3. Algae

Algae are a common problem in outdoor hot tubs. These hot tubs are often exposed to sunlight which promotes the growth of algae in the pool water. You need the service techs at Sunwrights to help you get rid of algae from your hot tub.

4. Mold

Mold can grow on the water’s surface or a hot tub’s walls, especially if you seldom drain the water.  Since it can be a stubborn organism, you can’t get rid of it without help from Sunwrights Spas.  When it's time to get your hot tub serviced and repaired, call 860-282-7727 or toll-free at 800-392-2270.

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