Hot Tubs are Healthy!

Applying heat to the body dilates the blood vessels increasing circulation, delivering additional oxygen and nutrients to muscles. This process also removes acids and free radicals that can cause muscle soreness, especially after a workout. It also stimulates cell regeneration and healing.  Dilated blood vessels also reduce blood pressure. Improved circulation and lower blood pressure occurs in a little as 15-20 minutes in a hot tub.

2)      Muscle Relaxation and Therapeutic Heating

As heat is carried deep into the muscles, the muscles relax.

Heat also simulates sensory receptors in the skin and muscles decreasing signals from painful areas, this affect is the reason heat is commonly used as a pain reliever for sore muscles.

4)      Increased Flexibility

Heat decreases stiffness, and increases flexibility which promotes comfort and healing in pain areas.

When considering investing in a hot tub, keep the health benefits top of mind. Hot tubs are not only a fun and relaxing investment, but also a healthy one as well! For more information about investing in a hot tub please call Sunwrights for Hot Tubs!