When you're shopping for Caldera hot tubs Middlefield CT, shop the best dealer in the region. Take a short drive to East Hartford CT to see the Caldera line at Sunwrights Spas. Sunwrights is the leading local hot tubs dealer serving Connecticut. Our spacious showroom is located on Pitkin Street. We are a full-service hot tubs and spas dealer for sales, supplies and repairs. We invite you to schedule an on-site test soak - you'll be hooked! Imagine hot, bubbly water soothing and relaxing your whole body. When the stresses of the day weigh you down, get away to your personal retreat and melt it away. Soak away muscle stiffness resulting from stress, exercise and strenuous labor. Stress and muscle tension dissolve, sleep improves, circulation increases, blood sugar levels normalize and your blood pressure lowers all with regular soaks in your luxury Caldera or Sunrise Hot Tub.

Sunwrights has been a respected dealer of hot tubs in Connecticut since the 1980’s. The owners of Sunwrights Spas invite you to tour the 3500 square foot East Hartford CT showroom. The Pitkin Street showroom and contains the full line of luxury Caldera Hot Tubs. After your purchase, rest assured that Sunwrights will show you the superior customer service for which we are famous. Our service technicians offer reliable, prompt service when the need arises. Sunwrights carries all the accessories and supplies you will need, replacement covers, water care supplies, and more. Our professional technical service center accommodates Watkins products and the Caldera line. Call Sunwrights Spas at 860-282-7727 or toll-free at 800-392-2270. 

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