Are you thinking of getting more use out of your screened in porch ? How would you like to convert your screened porch into a three season family room you can use during cooler or wet weather? Replacing the windows and screens with Eze-Breeze heavy duty Marine Grade vinyl glazed panels, you can save a bundle over traditional glass windows. With Eze-Breeze, you are able to maintain the maximum view and maximum breeze offered by your screen porch. Unlike a typical window, Eze-Breeze can be opened to 75% of the window area, which is well over the 50% offered by custom glass units. This allows you to maintain the aspects of the screen porch you love on the beautiful days simply by opening the windows.

The greatest benefit comes on the not so nice days, when you lose the use of your porch. Just close the Eze-Breeze panels and achieve instant protection from the cold, wet, dusty elements of unpredictable weather. Add a heat source to the room and use of the porch into the cooler season. Eze-Breeze Porch windows are climate tested, very durable, safe for kids and pets – and golf balls bounce right off of them!

The Eze-Breeze patio door contains a matching Eze-Breeze full view window insert. The door is like your front door with a deadbolt, the threshold designed to keep the weather out. If you like, there is even a French door option available for larger openings. Sunwrights of East Hartford, CT is a regional distributor for Eze-Breeze Windows. We service CT, MA, Eastern NY State and RI.

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