When you need hot tub accessories or service, you will find all you need at Sunwrights Spas. As a full service dealer and supplier of hut tub and spa products, we carry some aromatherapy products said to improve your hot tub experience. Aromatherapy uses plant essential oils known for altering a person’s mood.  Chemicals in the plant oils stimulate the nerves in your nose and send signals to your brain that influence your emotions and stimulate your memory. A lavender, jasmine, or chamomi

When you are in the market for a beautiful Caldera or Sunrise spa in the greater Hartford area, don't go to just any hot tub store. Sunwrights proudly endorses the beautiful Caldera and Sunrise Spa lines. Now, we may be biased, but we believe Sunwrights to be the finest hot tub and spa dealer in the area. We are conveniently located in East Hartford, minutes from anywhere in central CT. Melt away the cares of the day with your very own hot tub. A brand new spa from Sunwrights would make a p